Njorvasund in Gibraltar

Njorvasund in Gibraltar

On June 22, 2020 Gibraltar will have its very own pop-up dedicated to sustainable living.

Njorvasund will carry everyday products that are reusable, sustainable and accessible alternatives to single-use products.

Gibraltar has been demonstrating real environmental awareness and concern for its impact on the natural environment. Governmental, research and non-profit campaigns have been making clear cases for environmental awareness, wildlife protection and local respect of biodiversity. We can see that the message has been heard, and also that some habits can be hard to change. That’s where we come in. With our beautiful online selection of products and micro-showroom just off Main Street, our goal is simply to make it easier for everyone to live more sustainably.

We make sure to practice what we preach. Our business model itself is sustainable and low waste. Here’s how we do it: so, rather than have our own store, stocked with a full inventory, we will have our full collection online only, with a small showroom to give our customers a chance to see some of our products and meet us in person. By cutting down on our operation costs, we can pass those savings on to the client by having better priced products. It also means that our environmental impact will be hugely reduced because we will be set up to work on an as-needed basis. We can offer our clients exactly what they want, without waste, warehouses, or excessive packaging.

Our commitment to Gibraltar is all in the name. ‘Njorvasund' is the Viking name of the straights of Gibraltar, after ‘Njorve’ – the first Norseman who sailed through them. Here we are a few centuries later, bringing back some of that heritage. In true Viking fashion, our curated collection of products is useful, and made from more natural and more sustainable materials.

This is exciting and we cannot wait to be a part of this important change.

From the whole team at Njorvasund,
See you soon!