Can you Train your Brain?

Can you Train your Brain?

Creativity is a hugely valuable skill, both for personal use and the workplace, so finding ways to let your creative side go can be really important. However, some people assert that they simply aren’t creative, and they could never create or make anything. Others are able to come up with the initial idea, full of promise, but when it comes to putting it into action, the creativity grinds to a halt. If you want to find ways to release and embrace your inner creativity, consider these tips and habits:

Believe in Creativity in Everyone

If you have the attitude that you’re not creative, then you probably won’t be. Some people may be more naturally inclined to be creative, but it is a skill, not an inherent, static trait. And like any other skill, you can develop it. Even if the initial starting point seems like nothing. You have to believe that creativity can be grown and developed if it’s going to happen.

Opt For a Lateral Learning Focus

In simple terms, people either learn things laterally or vertically. Vertical learning is specialising in a particular area, whereas lateral learning is gaining a grasp of a variety of different subjects and areas. Logical thinkers tend to lean towards vertical learning, while creatives are more likely to lean towards lateral learning.

If you push yourself to learn across more areas and boost your knowledge laterally, you will find it easier to generate ideas and find multiple solutions to a problem. Look to grow your knowledge in new fields and areas to help give your creative side more chance to develop.

Train Your Creativity Muscle

There is no reason you cannot train your brain like any other part of your body. While it isn’t a muscle, you can train it and work on it in the same way. By providing your brain and creative side with regular stimulation, it is pushed to grow and develop further. Stretch your creativity in new and challenging ways, spend time brainstorming, jotting down ideas and simply let yourself go and see what comes out. The more time you spend dedicated to expanding your creative endeavours, the easier it will become.

Set Aside Time To Nurture Your Skill

If you are genuinely serious about becoming more creative and making the most of your creative side, then you need to dedicate time to it. A serious commitment means finding at least an hour every day to dedicate to it. It can be hard to view time used in this way as productive, but if you’re truly committed to becoming more creative, you have to act practically and make changes. Granting your mind the freedom to create may lead to some surprising and fascinating results.

As said before, this is a skill that can benefit you both in the workplace and in your personal life. Employers value creativity and creative thinking and it is a skill that can bring genuine joy and happiness when you create something you can be proud of. What’s more, finding an outlet from the stresses of everyday life is something almost everyone needs. Finding and nurturing your creativity is a way of giving your skills a boost but also setting aside some time to enjoy just for yourself. Not everyone can create a masterpiece, but developing the skills to enjoy creative pursuits is a great idea.

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