Avoid the 3 C’s

Avoid the 3 C’s

Young people urged to be cautious and protect their families from COVID-19
Recent updates from the World Health Organisation highlight that the demographic of people who are becoming infected with COVID-19 is younger than it was before.

With the increase in social activity during the summer months, this trend is clearly present in Spain, where young people have taken to celebrating summer evenings at popular venues.

The Gibraltar Government highlights the importance of taking extra care when socialising, particularly when in Spain as the threat from the pandemic is still with us. It is essential to adhere to the rules in Gibraltar as well as to the rules in Spain; and noting that depending where you are, that such rules are not the same.
With the evidence suggesting that a younger demographic of people is now transmitting the virus, the message for our young people is that parties are active breeding grounds for Covid-19. There is a serious risk that a youngster at a party can pick up the virus and then return home and infect others, including parents or grandparents. This can cause a serious illness or even death to themselves or their loved ones.

The Government wishes to stress to everyone, but particularly to our young people, that they should take great care when socialising, both here in Spain. It is more important than ever to obey the law and to stick to the rules.

Guidance for Gibraltar:

Gatherings of more than 20 persons remain illegal
Restaurants cannot accommodate more than 10 persons in one table
A safe distance of 2 metres between people should be maintained
Masks should be worn in enclosed areas and particularly where physical distancing is not possible.