The Alameda Wildlife Park began in 1994 as a collection of parrots, land tortoises and monkeys all confiscated from illegal traders who were passing through Gibraltar. The local Customs authorities handed these animals to G.O.N.H.S., (Gibraltar Ornithological and Natural History Society), who did their best to help.

At first there were no enclosures to house them but, with help from G.O.N.H.S. volunteers and the permission of Wildlife (Gibraltar) Ltd, a number of cages were built at the Alameda Gardens.

Due to lack of space and the number of confiscated animals, the Alameda Miniature Golf course was cleared after many years of neglect and modified into a small conservation park, again entirely through volunteer help.

Although the main purpose of the Wildlife Conservation Park was to house confiscated animals, it became apparent that, if finished properly it could also be open to the public to make people aware not only about illegal animal trade but also about local wildlife conservation.The Park became important for the care of native species that are considered for future re-introduction to the Gibraltar Nature Reserve, like for instance, the Barbary partridge, red fox or the raven. 

Opening to the public also meant that income from entrance fees would all go towards the care of these animals’ food, medicine and building materials for enclosures. Lack of funding has meant that most of the work on enclosures and plant beds has been carried out by a few dedicated volunteers.

In 2013, after generous funding from the Parasol Foundation (formally the Bonita Trust) and Gibraltar Government, the park re-opened to the public after extensive renovation to create immersive, natural rock work habitats and exhibits for it’s animal inhabitants.

Future projects include a Local Biodiveristy Education Area, quarantine area and Indiginous species exhibit.

With help from volunteers and sponsors, we can give these animals a full interesting life and also help our local wildlife.

The AWCP has become an important educational resource for local schools, helping to raise awareness of not only the rich local biodiversity but also of wider conservation issues.

If you would like to sponsor any of our current or future projects, contact us on our Contact Page.

Nestled in the beautiful Alameda Botanic Gardens, the AWCP is home to a collection of both exotic and native species. The AWCP is the only Wildlife Park in Gibraltar.

We care for exotic animals confiscated by Gibraltar customs, unwanted exotic pets and animals such as the Cotton-topped tamarin, on loan from international Zoos, to raise awareness of important endangered species through conservation education.

An essential role of the park is the conservation of threatened species. Partaking in international conservation projects supporting species in the wild.

Through selected captive breeding programmes, we also hope to play an important part in the international effort to conserve rare and endangered species.

Visit the wildlife park and get involved!

Outreach sessions – Zoo to You

We are now offering outreach sessions at your school from January 2021!


Habitats & endangered species – KS1 (Can include PharahFootprints(TM) )
What is a habitat, how and why animals fit into their habitats, why are species endangered
Actions we can take to prevent extinction and habitat destruction

Climate Change & Habits for Habitats campaign – KS2 – discover how our changing climate is impacting animals, including humans, as well as their habitats around the world. Explore the issues facing animals in different habitats through games and activities and looking at case studies. What actions we can all take to reduce our carbon footprint.

Endangered species – KS1 & 2 – exploring why species are threatened in the wild, issues of illegal
trade and the pet trade, habitat destruction and how we can help species in the wild

Educational Tours:

The following is a list of curriculum related topics we can offer for First Schools ( Reception – Y6):

Rainforests & rainforest animals
Fur, feathers, skin and scales
Conservation awareness/endangered species

(Pharah FootPrints(TM) can be offered here at the park or as an Outreach activity at your school.

Contact us for more details.

We can also adapt sessions for Preschool children or to cover different topics you may be interested in:

Themed tours:
Animal colours, textures and sounds
Wellbeing and care for animals

For Secondary schools (S1-S6) choose from:
Animal Art
Animal behaviours
Local Biodiversity
Human/Animal conflict

Keep an eye out for our Children’s Workshops and Fun Day events throughout the year.

General School visits:

Tailored, guided tours generally last from 40 minutes to 1 hour. Larger groups will usually be split into smaller groups of around 15-25 pupils, depending on staff numbers and the number of teachers present. Please indicate any particular focus and out staff will tailor the tour for your group.

Alternatively, if you can’t see what you are looking for here, we can discuss the education needs of you and your group when you book your visit.

A small donation per child is requested.
Children under the age of 5 years are admitted free of charge.

All group visits and education sessions must be pre-booked with us and are subject to staff availability.

Click here for a free Teachers Pack

​For more information or to book a tour, contact us at: or tel: 00350 20064273

Sponsor an Animal 

Adopt your favourite animal from the AWCP!

All Sponsors will receive a presentation pack including:

  • A personalised Sponsor Certificate

  • A photograph and information about your chosen species

  • A cuddly toy/keyring

  • An option to purchase a Family Pass at a £10 discount

Click HERE to find out more!

Corporate Sponsorship

Sponsor an event Your company name featured on advertising and promotional material.

Corporate Animal Adoption: Your company would receive a certificate of Corporate Adoption, free tickets to the AWCP (quantity depended on level of funding) and your company name on the enclosure for 1 year. 

We can also tailor sponsorship packages based on your business needs to ensure you get the most out of your partnership with us.

We have ambitious plans for the future of the AWCP

We are currently developing a new 10 year Master Plan to secure resources to drastically improve standards of enclosure and animal habitats in the park, facilities, veterinary medicine and visitation.

With the help of Corporate Partners we will be able to achieve these goals.

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Our Projects

Find out about our current and future projects click HERE

Donate a legacy

Include the AWCP in your will

A charitable bequest can be included in your will.
You could also donate in memory of a loved one.

For more information on this type of donation contact us at with any questions about naming the AWCP in your will or to donate in memory.
We are happy to help without any obligation.

Amazon Wishlist

You can purchase items on our Amazon wishlist for our animals. A variety of items for enrichment and to help with general husbandry and care of our animals and their environments.

You can access this list here


Volunteers are and have always been an important part of the AWCP. It is thanks to the hard work of a few dedicated volunteers that the wildlife park came to be.

Volunteers at the AWCP are welcome for ages 16 and above.
For younger volunteers (Under 18) we ask that they first attend one of our experiences. NB: An adult must be present throughout their volunteering experience

For an Expression of Interest form or for more information, please email us at

Join our AWCP Volunteers Facebook Group here.

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