Healthy Food Menu at Omega

Healthy Food Menu at Omega

New Healthy Food Menu at Omega Pharmacy in Europort

The last time Globe Magazine featured the Omega Pharmacy was in a feature about their healthy ‘smoothies’, daily made fresh in-house and available in a variety of fruit and vegetable options, which continue to be popular and sparked a trend. In a move to offer a wider range of healthy food options in their new premises at Europort, Omega are launching a healthy menu with the accent on super foods with anti-inflammatory properties.

Proprietor Louis Calvente and his pharmacist Mariu Saenz de Tejada Soto, who developed the new range, are very excited about the prospect of the move to the new premises at Europort but mostly because they have a trendy and super healthy food offering that is going to take the community to the next level of healthy eating. We spoke to Mariu (Maria Eugenia for short) to learn more about what’s on their new menu “It’s a new concept in healthy take away foods and it’s based on super foods that are daily prepared in-house and aim to give customers a new choice of balanced breakfast and lunch packaged in take away meal portions with everything based on the fifty six best anti inflammatory foods high in Omega 3 and low in Omega 6 with no additives and also available in snacks. We make our own sugar free Jams and granola with yoghurt and maize, as well as, humus with carrot sticks for example.”

Packaged in clearly labelled portions with anti-allergy information, all salads have a balanced dressing, which complements their composition and importantly may be refrigerated if not consumed immediately, as the dressing is in a sealed mini container. These portions come in at under £5 and taken with a healthy beverage will set you up for the rest of the day.

There is plenty of variety in the salads menu and also a ‘soup of the day’ to start off with if you like. Bread lovers, who like a healthy sandwich, can enjoy whole meal seeded rolls with a variety of healthy fillings like date paste with smoked cheese and tomato for example. A menu with all the ingredients information for all products will be available too.

“There are meats available like slow cooked beef (6 hours) and chicken which can be micro waved later for those who like hot foods. These are offered with mustard and mayonnaise sauces, as well as, sweet potatoes. Our salads include beans or quinoa salads and then we also have three mains which include zucchini spaghettis with salmon and prawns, high in omega 3 with an avocado pesto, pine nuts and basil dressing.”

“There is also a rice substitute dish in which we use cauliflower as rice grains, which comes with roast peppers, aubergines and tuna. Our third main is chicken couscous, which is already a favourite in our trials here. Our breakfast options include chia pudding and porridge with red fruit. As you can see we have a wide range of trendy and super healthy foods to attract ‘people on the go’ who don’t have too much time and want to eat properly”.

“We have also imported a new range of cold pressed fruit juices with no additives, as well as, a pro-biotic drink called ‘Kambucha’, which is fruit flavoured and tasty fermentations, which your gut will appreciate and you can really enjoy as a drink. We have five flavours and the brand is the most popular brand in southern Spain.”
By the time you read this in Globe Magazine, the new Omega Pharmacy in Europort will be open and the healthy anti- inflammatory range of foods will be available on display in the food section of the pharmacy. All daily fresh made, well thought out and well balanced to be enticing and good for you.

All you have to do is pop down to Omega Pharmacy Europort and try it out.
Bon appetit!

Text By Joe Adambery

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