Start: 22 October 2021
8:30 pm
End: 22 October 2021
8:30 pm

Event Venue

La Linea, Cadiz

Teatro Paseo de La Velada


Puppet theatre performed by El Espejo Negro

This is the story of Óscar, a boy who was submerged in a long and deep sleep.

 A comatose sleep that led him to dreaming for nine months, with all his days and nights, weeks and months, minutes and hours without being able to move.

 A good night coma in which his parents spent all their time reminding him of the stories they had read at the foot of his bed from a very young age, before turning off the light and receiving the sleep kiss.

His younger sister didn’t understand if the coma thing was like summer naps after eating watermelon, or playing blind man’s buff and that’s why he didn’t move.

But a voice in Óscar’s ear told him that he had to wake up and go back to running and playing with his sister Lucia. And finish with nonsense, and go to school with his classmates and friends, and play basketball like he did from Monday to Friday every afternoon, even in winter.

 After nine months of sleep, one cold winter morning, something extraordinary happened … and Oscar first opened one eye, and then both, yawned and woke up …

 But Óscar did not remember how to speak or write and he did not remember how to walk …


Andalusian author Ángel Calvente from the beginning has pursued the dignity of the puppet world through his company El Espejo Negro, his puppet theatre company created in 1989 .

He has established the company’s own style, with a corrosive and mocking language.His shows are provocative, innovative and technically impeccable, and have marked a style and a way of doing theatre that identify him as the creator of a new style of puppet theatre, that is, with an absolutely original stamp, giving his shows a mark with denomination of origin El Espejo Negro.


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