Start: 31 October 2021
2:00 am
End: 31 October 2021
3:00 am

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31st October 2021 @ 2am the clocks go back when the Daylight Savings Time (DST) period ends each year in Autumn (October) and folk enjoy an hour longer to lie in before the start of the normal Sunday breakfast routine.

What DST does is to change the time we use to schedule those important daily routines, shifting it in relation to solar time, which is defined by the Sun’s course. When we spring forward as DST begins, our clocks show a later time at sunrise, solar noon, and sunset, and the reverse in Autumn. But, even though days have been longer during the summer, that does not mean that sunrise/sunset suddenly occur later when we change our clocks in Autumn.

Fortunately, time is in hand, give or take an hour, to work it all out before the next clock change comes around..or doesn’t happen.

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