La Parrilla 10 Years On

La Parrilla 10 Years On

Text By Richard Cartwright
Photographs By David Pino Abengozar

It can’t be said there’s a shortage of takeaway outlets on the Rock providing pizzas, Indian, Chinese, Thai food and traditional Mediterranean or American cuisine. All available for you on site or at home conveyed by the busy ‘scooter delivery’ teams…However, for takeaways with a difference that are innovative and delicately flavoursome, you need to visit, ‘La Parrilla On The Go’ in Cornwall’s Parade…They provide the best!

La Parrilla’s vision is to become ‘Gibraltar’s premier food entity’ and by all accounts seem to be achieving that goal as days and weeks go by judging by customers’ repeat visits.

Management at the eatery is fully aware of the diverse variety of what is already available in Gibraltar, so aiming to become just another good, fusion restaurant/takeaway was not an option. The ‘On the Go’ provider has noted the Europeans’ palate requires a crispy, richer texture to their food, so tasty sauces and spices are very much experienced in their dishes. There’s an element of Indo fusion to their food bringing together Chinese, Thai, Caribbean and other elements complimenting what the local takeaway punter really enjoys.

There’s no fooling the eager customer with an appetite for a really good meal. He or she want much more which sometimes can’t be put into words but certainly know what hits the target when tasting La Parrilla’s offerings. Much of La Parrilla’s food influence has emanated from far off lands in southern India; a location situated many, many miles away taking from it that flavoursome gastronomy that’s taken Europeans by storm. Europe is a big place but you need go no further…just pick up the phone or pop round to order your food and you can enjoy the fruits of that cuisine delicately served at La Parrilla On The Go, right here on the Rock!

La Parrilla management are no newcomers to the takeaway food scene. This fresh, original ‘to go’ inspiration is relatively new to Gibraltar, but the idea of presenting good food to their much valued customers began in ‘La Parrilla Steakhouse’ which opened its doors a decade ago at Watergardens. Today, coming into the centre of town has proved a winner where former patrons and consumers of good food have followed with numbers increasing as days and weeks go by having come on board to enjoy food with taste, that’s fresh and nutritionally well balanced. There’s no unnecessary sugar or preservatives added to La Parrilla’s food. Not enough can be said or attributed to their top chefs – Devendra and Vijendra, who prepare what you eat with great flare and dedication – their delicate touch and finesse create natural, flavoursome dishes nowhere else experienced on this tiny spot of southern Europe.

Very rapidly La Parrilla has become a household name, not just because of their high standards of great food, reasonable prices and commendable one-to-one service, but also because they take great pride in seeing to your needs whatever they may be. Is there a special way you’d like your food cooked or presented? You have a particular dish in mind? Speak to the sales executive and he will do his best to accommodate your requirements, online, on the phone or in person. Your meal needs to be unique and a meal experience never to be forgotten… That’s the La Parilla principle, which they continue to improve with that special customer contact.

Glancing at their menu, it’s instantly apparent there are interesting dishes to choose from…Wild Beef, Hidden Dragon, Szechuan Chicken and Crouching Tiger are just a selection of what’s there and you have to find out what hides behind those attention-grabbing titles…I’m not revealing what conceals those ‘Hot Picks’ and there’s more, much more.

In these busy, heady days of limited lunch breaks a lunch box size meal will set you back a mere £7.50. Fuller dishes will cost you just £10.50. Constant changes to the menu appear online, Instagram, Twitter and of course, Facebook. You can in fact choose from…100 dishes! La Parilla is open from 12 noon to 10 pm……. seven days a week. You can phone them on 200 69222……… e-mail: or contact Dheeraj directly on 54001764 by SMS. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram!

La Parrilla is also ready to supply mouth watering BBQs for your gatherings or wine-and-dine party nights with the best ideas of flavoursome, Asian concepts, which will make your guests craving for more… La Parrilla team don’t hang about either, they’re up at the crack of dawn ready to receive delivery of the freshest produce to create unique, unforgettable, quality food for you to relish…later in the day!