TAG Consultancy has a dedicated team of experts with significant experience in providing a full complement of tailor made client services. We have honed our skills through the successful relationships built with our client base of many types and sizes of business. We do not just provide a variety of accounting and business development services, but have built value through our collaboration with these businesses. Rest assured, our services will be tailored not only to your current needs, but your needs for the future.

This firm is dedicated to our client relationships. Our professionals will sit with you, and get to know not just your business, but who you are personally. We are committed to the needs of our clients not only during the tax and audit engagements but throughout the year as well. Each business is unique, and we recognize that each business is as much about its owners as it is about its trade. Therefore, we customize our services to meet a client’s requests and requirements in our approach to every accounting, tax, financial planning and management situation. We bring a seasoned perspective along with in-depth knowledge of local issues. Furthermore, our staff can offer a level of expertise and global solutions normally found in a large firm, while still maintaining the attention one demands in a small firm. All client deserves a higher standard.

The core of any great firm is simple, its people. Our people are groomed to help build the trust between the firm and the client, every day. Period. The world is fast paced, ever-changing, and often difficult. Trust provides our clients with a peace of mind that even the minute details are being considered. We have invested in our people so that they may provide a more enriched professional experience, leaving you to focus on the vision and the growth of your business.

Audit & Accountancy, Company Management, Business Development, Blockchain Advisory, Payroll Management & Tax Returns, DLT Licensing Services, Business Registration, Compliance & AML Services and more.

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