In 1932, Mr H.D. Mahtani established what is known today as Saphiro Jewellers. He ran the business as a local bazar, selling carpets, souvenirs, watches, clocks, jewellery gifts – the list is endless. He then passed on the business to my grandfather, who diligently ran the business for 30 years.

As a young man, I assisted my grandfather in running the business, and watched as he interacted with our customers with wit and humor.

The locals gave him the fond nickname ‘Juanito,’ and he in turn always treated them with the utmost respect. My mother took it on afterwards, and she taught me true strength of character as a woman who always made her customers smile.

We have always ensured that the people of Gibraltar are treated well in our store, offering excellent prices and efficient customer service to all. Our Citizen and Seiko time-pieces are elegant and sophisticated, with the newest technology to meet your expectations, while our Casio and Sekonda selection is extremely popular, combining reliability with affordability.

Our gold and silver jewellery shines, and many of our diamonds are GIA certificated. Meanwhile, our second-hand jewellery section is the perfect place to find a pre-loved gift, and all of our selection are polished to look good as new. We also do watch and jewellery repairs, as well as replacing batteries and watch straps.

At Saphiro, we constantly strive to make sure you feel valued as our customer. Our family runs our jewellery shop with assistance from our sales team, and we work hard so that you can make excellent purchases at affordable prices.

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