“My desire to portray colour and texture is evident in all my work, whether it is in a portrait, or abstract it is just as important to me as the form. I know when I have truly finished a painting when I have exhausted the emotional journey and it has come to a natural end. It is a true relationship”
Gill Welland 2020

Gill Welland studied illustration at Epsom School of Art & Design in Surrey, in the late ’80s, and throughout her career, she has worked in many creative roles from art teaching to luxury interior design.

She first started freelance Illustrative work in London in the early ’90s whilst living in Camden Town, an exciting time for fashion, music, and the art scene. She has always been passionate about her painting and has sold internationally, exhibiting her work in many local galleries over the years in Berkshire, UK, and Gibraltar.

She was painting actively up until 2010 and then took a ten-year break, from painting (due to personal family reasons). She has returned and decided to pursue painting full-time.

As an emerging artist Gill is inspired by figurative art, portraits, and abstract work. She paints with bold strong marks, vivid colours, and textures. It is playing with these elements in mixed medium which make Gill’s paintings unique.

Her portraits focus on capturing ‘that moment’ -the emotion; the story being quietly told through the expression of the subject. She is often drawn to portraits and photographs of children, as their thoughts and emotions are always honest, real, and show no inhibitions.

She will be showing her work in Spain & Gibraltar in up-and-coming events later this year.

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