Focus our efforts on patients and families first, allowing them time, space and choice.
Advise, support and respect patients in decisions regarding their care.
Intend to empower people to contribute to their own well-being by finding their individual approach to life.
Provide an open, flexible, accessible range of services to address the physical, social, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs.
Actively seek ways to make our services available and appropriate for all the races and faiths that make up our multifaceted society.
Work towards maintaining and enhancing quality of life for those affected whenever possible.
Help people to live their lives with the utmost dignity.
Provide bereavement support for anyone affected.
Encourage volunteers and members to actively participate in the running and development of our Centre.
Support and advise healthcare professional in their care of cancer patients.
Collaborate with other professionals and advisors to make a positive contribution for the development of cancer services in Gibraltar.
Build on the current success of our Hospice Outreach service by expanding the reach and delivery of our hospice care, enabling more people to live well at the end of their lives and choose where to die, supported by excellent care.

We provide high-quality care delivered by people with professional knowledge and expertise.
We aim to provide a home-from-home environment, where people can be themselves.
Our services are individually tailored to each person’s needs.
We are independent, allowing us to be innovative, flexible and specific to your requirements.
We work in partnership with all GHA and external treatment facilities to allow for holistic and coherent services.
We work to develop and recognise the contribution of our staff, both paid and voluntary, sharing our knowledge and skills through education, audit and research.

We offer free professional, practical, emotional and social support across over 14 services to anyone affected by cancer, including healthcare professionals. Support is offered freely, whether you live or work in Gibraltar. We are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) and our Hospice Outreach Service is available out of hours.

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