Get fantastic deals and discounts on products and services all around town. Look for the Bag A Deal logo. Just buy one of these cool reusable cotton bags and present it when you pay.


Welcome to Gibraltar. We want to reward you for being green.

To get great deals and discounts from shops, restaurants, experiences, excursions and events in Gibraltar, simply purchase one of our reusable 100% cotton Bag A Deal tote bags and make sure you use it. Look for the Bag A Deal logo at local establishments and ask inside for their offer. You can also check on the website for all the deals and offers. Like us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with new offers.


If you are a local business in Gibraltar and you would like to get involved in this great promotion just get in touch by email or call 200 40506. All you need to do is tell us what deal, discount, offer or benefit you will give to holders of a Bag A Deal bag. We will give a window sticker or flyers/ posters to help let customers know you are part of the promotion. We will also feature your business on our website and social media and tell everyone what your offer is. You can change your offer whenever you want, simply let us know and we will update the website accordingly. Each offer from each company can also have a countdown on the website so you can choose how long your offer lasts. You can also be a stockist of the bag if you wish.

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