Start: 21st November 2020
12:00 am
End: 31st December 2020
11:59 pm

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“..go down Main Street and the other excellent shopping areas in Gibraltar and spend your money there!” urges government Minister Vijay Daryanany.
His message is part of the awareness campaign spreading through Gibraltar that local businesses need their customers’ support to help make sure that they stay open.

“The Government  has supported the business community to the greatest extent possible during the fall off of spending because of the much-needed restrictions during the pandemic – now, consumers need to play their part as well ..Now it’s your turn to shine. Shop, eat, buy, support LOCAL”


Keep It Local! ..don’t let Main Street become just a memory !

Support Main Street!

The Keep It Local campaign says “Now it’s our turn to shine”.

“Shop, Eat, Buy, Support LOCAL”

Shopping Local helps support the local economy, creates jobs and boosts the local community. The government’s  message is clear – “we are supporting each other through these unforeseen times. Making the choice of buying from a local store makes a big difference for that shopkeeper while it will surely not be as significant for big scale traders”.

“By spending local you are generating employment, taxes and social insurance, which helps pay for our GHA, Essential Services, Schools and more. Choosing to spend in Gibraltar supports not only the restaurants and shopkeepers, it pays for services that give us all a better quality of life, it ensures our people can thrive and it paves the way for a future we can be proud of.”

Shopping at local businesses pumps money into the local economy, and by spending money in their local shop, restaurant, café or pub, shoppers can do their bit to aid Gibraltar’s economic recovery.

With the drop in visitors’ spending in Gibraltar, it becomes more important  that less of the spending by residents should go out of Gibraltar …Residents of Gibraltar currently spend almost some £50m/year on shopping, food and other goods and services in Spain – just a small portion of that amount would make a significant contribution to the economic well-being of Gibraltar.

Eat Local!

“Eat local ..choose our local restaurants, the ones we walk by almost everyday – we must make sure they will remain there for us to walk by. By enabling them to provide employment for our people, we are looking after Gibraltar.”

From popping into a local bakery for a loaf of bread, or buying a quirky gift from an independent shop, by shopping locally people can help local business owners to  stay up and running, and maintain the fabric of the community and for those looking for gifts for loved ones for Christmas, they can be sure that the gift-voucher they receive will be spent locally!

“Choose Gibraltar first!
Keep It Local!”

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