Beauty Magic at Korpobell

Beauty Magic at Korpobell

Beauty magic at Korpobell

Developments in laser techniques now provide many beauty treatments that do not require any surgery.

The Korpobell Clinic in La Linea explains that “undoubtedly, aesthetic medicine has made great advances in recent years and aesthetic laser treatments are one of the best ways to prove the benefits of those advances.


It does not matter if it is about treating facial or body pathologies, thanks to the different properties and uses of the laser it is possible to offer a wide variety of alternatives.”

Korpobell is a beauty salon, and advanced aesthetics clinic, based in La Linea and San Roque,  providing nutrition consultancy, osteopathy, massages, aesthetic medicine and a range of associated products.

Two of the main aesthetic laser treatments now available are Magic Shading and Microblading, as well as other standard treatments of  depilation and tattoo removal among a range of others, including beauty packs.

On the salon’s Facebook page, the salon’s principal, Doctor Traverso, describes that having graduated in Medicine at Seville University followed by, in Madrid,  one  Masters degree in  Aesthetic Medicine, Nutrition, and Ageing Treatment and a second Masters in Trichology and Hair Micrografting she now has “a passion for helping my patients to be a little happier by highlighting their natural beauty – I always try to look for ‘the best version’ of each one but keeping it natural.”

Magic Shading

Magic Shading is a new semi-permanent eyebrow shading technique which highlights the face by defining the shape of the eyebrows and more.

In a natural way it gives the appearance of makeup that highlights the eyes by using colouring and shading in various combinations.

The pigment is inserted into the skin by means of a tool called a demographer, which applies the pigment in a process of repeated light passes over the area where the design will be carried out.


Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique for which the objective is to correct or rebuild and complement an eyebrow by “tattooing” the hairs one by one in a hyper-realistic way and achieving a completely natural result.

Unlike micropigmentation, it harmonizes the face of each person and brings balance and expression to the look.

It should be noted that the pigments used in microblading are made with a mineral base, so they are hypoallergenic, which reduces the risk of causing allergies.