Advertising…What’s the point?

Advertising…What’s the point?

Advertising…What’s the point?

Advertising. The natural way to gain attention … Always has been. Always will be

Advertising is an investment in the growth and the future of your business. Consumers, who buy a product or service, usually purchase from a company they knew about before their need occurred. Advertising increases the likelihood that more consumers will know who you are when they are ready to buy.

• To create awareness, customer interest or desire
• To boost sales (creating demand)
• To build brand loyalty (or to maintain it)
• To launch a new product or service
• To change customer attitudes
• To offset competitor advertising
• To remind and reassure customers and to encourage repeat business
• To boost public standing: companies can boost their public standing with advertisements that link them with generally approved campaigns (such as care for the environment)
• To support the sales force – attracting leads from potential customers and perhaps motivate them by boosting the profile of the business and the morale of the sales force

• Seen • Read • Believed • Remembered • Acted upon by target customers

When done effectively advertising is an essential part of the marketing mix because:
Advertising allows you to target specific customers – when you show a personal message to a select audience you make a better connection. Add credibility to your advertising message. The perception that you are advertising is often enough for consumers to believe you are doing well and your products and services must be credible.

Creating awareness through advertising and can automatically amplify everything else you’re doing. Consumers remember you even if they don’t need you at that moment, referral sources remember companies that advertise, and employees can point to well-placed ads as a source of pride in their workplace.

So, should you advertise? Absolutely. The trick is finding the right medium for your business and budget. It’s vital that whatever you choose, the media must reach enough of the right people, reach them frequently, and reach them with a compelling enough message to stick in their minds.